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Our Story…

Mauldin Coffee Co is a traveling specialty coffee shop in Greenville, SC designed to bring community and quality coffee to you and your event. We specialize in making every event unique and inviting.

Our story began as a dream for a gathering place in Mauldin, SC. That launched and grew into the idea that gathering places and community don’t have to exclusively exist inside four walls- but can go wherever is needed. We brainstormed and thought “what would it look like it we did a coffee food truck?” And a few months later we were able to launch our coffee bus- a unique and fun way to experience specialty coffee!

Our truck launched in Fall of 2018 and is currently booking for birthday parties, weddings, corporate events, or anything else you can dream up!


Why Do We Do It

There are plenty of amazing coffee shops in Greenville, SC. Why would we want to offer a mobile option? Simply stated- because we want to make coffee and community as accessible as possible. And in order to do that- we have to believe a few things:

1) Everyone has a seat at the table. Whether you drink your coffee black and know the name of the farm, or you take a little cream with your coffee- there’s a place for you here. No judgements or snobby baristas here- just friends sharing life and delicious coffee.

2) Kindness is cool. In today’s world- it seems like everyone is put into a different camp and told to throw rocks as others. We believe that kindness is underrated and can do amazing things for our country and our world. The simple act of a smile, sharing a cup, and a warm welcome can do wonders.

3) Every drink is a work of art. It’s all about that Insta, am I right! From the design of our bar, to the cups we choose, to how your drink comes and tastes- we want each drink to be a masterpiece. Your personal masterpiece!

4) We don’t have customers- we have family. Having a huge customer base is awesome- but something even better is having a big family. Family is there regardless. Our community is our family- so we purposefully position ourselves in events and places where we can support our family- even if it doesn’t make us money or grow our customer base.


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