Why Another Coffee Shop?

For those who aren't aware- Mauldin, SC is a small town right outside of the ever-growing Greenville, SC.  Greenville has been featured alot lately:  Southern Living, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and plenty more have bragged on the Greenville food scene, downtown Greenville, and just about everything minus the traffic!  

Greenville is home to some amazing restaurants, with new ones opening seemingly every week.  Another thing that Greenville has lots of is coffee shops.  The Greenville Coffee Scene is surprisingly robust. Methodical, Due South, West End Coffee Shoppe, Coffee Underground, Grateful Brew, Bex Cafe, and several others are within a few miles of each other in downtown.  

So why another shop? 

I wish I had a snappy and polished statement for that question, but it deserves a little more of an answer.  I have lived in the Greenville/ Mauldin area  almost all of my life.  I have seen Greenville grow and expand from Woodruff Road to downtown.  Simpsonville, on the other side of Mauldin, has exploded in its own sense as well.  Mauldin, however, has remained relatively the same (there is even a video rental store!) 

I don't view Mauldin's struggle to grow with the surrounding areas a bad thing though.  Homebuyers have swarmed to Mauldin because it is affordable and offers a great location.  And the potential here is limitless.  

Mauldin offers an amazing opportunity to create community.  The City of Mauldin has worked incredibly hard to create a sense of unity and togetherness- and Mauldin Coffee Co is excited to be a part of that.  

Not only do we want to serve great coffee, but we want to be incredibly focused on creating an atmosphere that fosters and cultivates community and relationships. We truly believe that coffee connects community.

Josh Williams