# Concessions

We just finished running concessions for Mauldin Cultural Center’s production of Shrek Jr, The Musical. We sold candy, popcorn, soda, and hot chocolate to kids and theater attendees. Six shows over two weekends- I’m exhausted and exhilarated!

You are probably wondering- what in the world does candy and popcorn have to do with coffee? Nothing.. Absolutely nothing. Our tagline, “coffee connecting community” means there is more to us than just coffee.

We want to be part of our community- in Greenville, Mauldin, Simpsonville, and beyond. These shows gave us a chance to pour into our community.

One of the things I decided early on was that business can’t just be about making money. I wanted to make a difference- to bring joy to those around me and build relationships. We didn’t charge much for the concessions- honestly we charged very little (most families could get out for less than $5!) And sure- we made money, but that wasn’t the heartbeat behind this project. The heartbeat was getting to be apart of something bigger.

This cast- this cast was astounding. Funny, heartwarming, aware- these teenagers and kids brought me into the land of Duloc and swamps, where Ogres and Fairy Tale creatures were real! Tim St Clair directed an amazing show and should be very proud of it.

But back to the point: community. I believe in Mauldin. We have seen Greenville, SC grow exponentially over the past decade. I have firsthand seen this change as someone who has been here since ’91- and I am so excited to be even a minuscule part of the change and growth in Mauldin. Mauldin has this unique feel. It’s the smaller of the areas in Greenville- but has a big heart. (Also- Money Magazine named Mauldin as the number one city to live in- in all of South Carolina!)

Community is what makes a coffee shop feel like home. It’s what allows something like Shrek Jr take place and have six packed out shows! That is way beyond just parents coming. That’s the community coming together to support.

I want Mauldin to grow. I want Greenville to continue to grow. I want the other coffee shops in Greenville to grow. But I never want any of us to lose the idea of community. I believe community is thicker than competition when we try. And I vow to continue trying.