What To Give Your Employees for Christmas

It’s almost here. The time for workplace Christmas parties and employee Christmas gifts! I’ve been in the workforce for half my life now- and employee Christmas gifts have always seemed like a letdown in some form. Not that they were bad (and if any of my old bosses are reading this- I loved your gift the most!)

Your team works hard all year long. You use words to describe your employees like “team”, “family”, “crew”. Would they return the phrase? It doesn’t all revolve around what kind of gift you get them at Christmas- but I do think the type of gift you give them says alot about how you view your employees and your relationship with them. Its all about the type of leadership you have poured into them throughout the year.

There are several options for gifts to give your employees:

1) Gift Cards- the classic gift card. While effective in giving someone a monetary gift, there it little thought put into it, and usually due to the amount of employees the amount on the actual card is pretty low. It works in a pinch, but don’t your amazing employees deserve better this year?

2) Bluetooth Headphones- this is actually a pretty cool gift. A place I worked, it was pretty open concept. This allowed us to listen to music, make phone calls, etc and not disturb the person next to us. Downside? Good headphones are expensive ($50-100 a piece), and it can sometimes hurt your workplace moral but unintentional stifling camaraderie.

3) PTO. If you can afford it- giving everyone a day or so off of extra PTO can be pretty cool. Most business models don’t really afford that though… womp womp

4) Experiences. Here is where I want to focus. One of the hardest things is Millennial Christmas Gifts. Finding something that shows importance, value, and creates memories. Your employees will love creating memories together (or at least, you should hope that they do!) This is where we at Mauldin Coffee Co come in! For a small per person price, we come and bring everything you will need- cups, coffee, tea, linens, atmosphere- and memories. Your employees will love the free specialty coffee and time to gather- and you won’t have to spend a fortune to make them feel special! (Did I mention that most of our price packages come with all you can drink options?)

What are you waiting for? Shoot us an email and let’s pick a day to come!