I Need You

Can I be real for a few paragraphs? 

Starting a business is hard.  Its exhilarating, life giving, but at the same time exhausting, and life taking.  It truly is like parenting.  And what I have learned about parenting is that it takes a village.  I can't go at it alone and expect to crush it.  

I can't do Mauldin Coffee Co alone either.  

I truly believe in the potential Mauldin has.  But- I need help.  Last week we launched a Kickstarter to help us raise money.  I can't express this enough- I can't do this without your help.  A pledge of $25, $75, or even $250 goes a long way to helping Mauldin Coffee Co open.  

We need $30,000 to help secure funding from the bank.  I have put everything I have into the business so far, but don't have the money needed for collateral (the $30,000).

This isn't just a charity fundraiser- there are actual rewards you purchase- from tshirts to renting out the shop.  What we need is for the community that has said they want this- to dig deep and help it become reality.

So I'm going to ask- please go over to our Kickstarter- take a look- and pledge.  Be a part of the movement and help bring a dream to life.



Josh Williams