The Charger

We have had a lot of people ask what the Charger is.  Is it a fruit drink? Is it coffee? Is it a preworkout? Is it caffeinated?


The Charger is a green coffee extract drink, made from 4 simple ingredients.  100-150 mg of caffeine give this drink a perfect kick to get you through the day!


The Charger also works as a great Preworkout for athletes and Crossfitters.  Most Preworkouts include chemicals and long-named ingredients that are made in labs to create feelings of energy and endurance.  You know what helps with energy and endurance? Caffeine.  That's all you really need- in essence.   So instead of pumping yourself full of supplements that you pee out in the next hour or so- why not try the simple solution? 


We are serving The Charger in Greenville where ever we are popping up- but you can also put in an order by the gallon! 

Josh Williams